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We equip you with the best available knowledge, skills-based training, and hands-on support to make your foster care experience a success. 

Ongoing Training Requirements for Foster Parents

If you are a Christian Heritage foster parent, there are 3 things to remember to maintain your foster parent license.

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1. You need 12 hours of training each year.
  • Each foster parent in the home needs a minimum of 12 hours per their licensure year, not calendar year.
  • Each training must be directly related to the skills necessary to care for children in out-of-home care.
  • If you are adopting, you will need 20 hours of child-specific training.
2. You need to record what you've learned.
  • In order to get credit for the training you completed, you must fill out the DHHS Learning Summary form and email it to us for approval.
  • Any training you take that provides a certificate of attendance does not require a learning summary.
3. You need to track training hours accurately.


  • 0.5 training hours – 0-50 pages
  • 1 training hour – 50-100 pages
  • 2 training hours – 101-150 pages
  • 3 training hours – 151-200 pages
  • 4 training hours – 201-500 pages

Videos & Podcasts

  • 0.5 training hours for a 20-30 minute video/podcast
  • 1 training hour for a 60-minute video/podcast
  • 1.5 training hours for a 90-minute video/podcast


  • 11 training hours – 1 credit hour class from a community college
  • 15 training hours – 1 credit hour class from a university

How can I get my required training hours?

To get the required 12 hours you need each year, we’ve compiled a list of opportunities and resources. Want to use something that’s not on this list but aren’t sure it qualifies? Ask us.

Even if you aren’t a current foster parent, these are excellent resources to learn about trauma and caring for vulnerable children.


In-person Training Nights

Christian Heritage offers bi-monthly training nights to our families in both Lincoln and Omaha. Throughout the year, we also host various other training opportunities such as TBRI Caregiver Training, CPR training, the Hope for the Journey Conference simulcast, and others.

If you are a foster parent, please check the monthly Connection Newsletter emails for information on all upcoming training opportunities. Contact us if you aren’t receiving the newsletter or want more information.


These links will take you to Amazon. Your local library may also have many of these titles.


Most, if not all, of these podcasts can be found on your favorite podcast platform.

  • The Forgotten Podcast
  • The Honestly Adoption Podcast with Mike and Kristin Berry
  • Empowered to Connect Podcast
  • A Fostered Life Podcast with Christy Tennant Krispin
  • Adopting Hope Podcast
  • The Rambler with Mike McDonalds
  • Adoptees On Podcast
Adoption-Specific Training

If you’re adopting, you need 20 hours of child-specific training before the adoption is complete. Here is a suggested list. Once you’ve had a child in care for 15 months or the permanency plan includes adoption, you will receive a more specific list of trainings that you may need to complete.

Download this PDF of recommended Permanency Core Training Resources.

Have questions about training? We’re here for you.