Beyond Prison

What  do we do?

We keep families connected.

In Nebraska, 1 in 10 kids have an incarcerated parent. Families impacted by incarceration are at higher risk repeating cycles of trauma.

The absence of a dad is the primary factor to a child entering foster care We strengthen and restores families by keeping fathers connected.

Why  do we do it?

We can break the cycle of brokenness.

Children with an incarcerated parent are 7 to 10 times more likely to go to prison as an adult.

When parents are healthier, so are families as a whole. By keeping families connected and supported, we can stop generational brokenness.

How  do we do it?

We support families on both sides.

Fathers take classes to learn how to communicate effectively and maintain relationships. They can then earn extra opportunities to spend time with their children.

Meanwhile, families on the oustide get connected to caring gospel-centered community.

Making an impact on Both Sides

We help families impacted by incarceration flourish by supporting them both on the inside and the outside.

Here’s how it works on the inside!

Destination… Dad


We offer three classes to equip incarcerated dads to help their children flourish. Each class meets once a week for 90 minutes for 7 weeks.

Inside-Out Dad®

This parenting program gives incarcerated dads the tools they need to become more involved, responsible, and committed in the lives of their children.

Within My Reach™

Building and maintaining healthy, long-term, romantic relationships is the focus of this class offered to both men and women.

Boys Town’s Common Sense Parenting®

Participants learn to build healthier connection with their children by using skills that help guide their children’s behavior.


Dads are eligible for incentives after the first class giving them opportunities to practice communication with their children and apply the skills they are learning.

Daddy Day Visits

This 2-hour monthly visit helps dads connect with their children in a more intimate setting than a regular visit.

DVD from Mom/Dad

Twice a year parents are given the opportunity to be videotaped reading a book or sharing a special message to their children. The book and DVD are then sent as a gift to the children.

Annual Events

Fathers are given extra special opportunities to connect and bond with their children through events like the Father-Daughter Dance, the Father-Son Hangout, and Nature Night with Dad.

Staying connected matters.

Strengthened relationships through Destination…Dad can heal trauma and bring hope.

Here’s how it works on the outside!

family advocacy

Family Opportunities

We offer regular opportunities to connect with others through Beyond Prison and the entire Christian Heritage Community. These events are open to anyone impacted by incarceration, regardless of whether the dad is in the Destination…Dad program.


Fun, quarterly community events provide a chance to connect with and support others also walking through this difficult time.

Individual Support

Loved ones can connect with CH staff for assistance with personal needs and/or community resources.

Family Day

This monthly event offers a meal, childcare, and connection time for families of those incarcerated as well as those on probation or parole.

Children with an incarcerated parent are 7 to 10 times more likely to go to prison.

We can help families break cycles of generational brokenness to see all children flourish.


Down Walls

“When I first heard of [the parenting program], my thought was that I’d been engaged in my kids’ life. I’ve been a parent for the past 12 years! What can these people teach me? I decided to give it a shot. What I took away is the importance of communication with the kids and the trauma that’s behind a parent being incarcerated. I benefited so much with the information and knowing that I wasn’t alone.”

-Luis, father impacted by Beyond Prison

Keeping Families Connected

Where do
we serve?

Nebraska State Penitentiary
Omaha Correctional Center
Reception and Treatment Center
Community Corrections Center Lincoln
Nebraska Correctional Center for Women
Tecumseh State Correctional Institution
Community Corrections Center Omaha
Work Ethic Camp

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