A gathering to help the local church move towards God’s heart for the vulnerable.

SEPT 17, 2024 / 10AM-2PM








$29/person (includes lunch)
Registration Deadline: Sept 10

What is The Church & Trauma Summit?

The Church & Trauma Summit is a gathering of ministry and community leaders designed to unite and mobilize God’s people in Nebraska around the call to love and care for vulnerable people in our midst. 

Our goal is to cultivate unity around this mission among Nebraska’s and partner well with your ministry or organization as you engage those impacted by trauma. Trauma can be complicated, and Christian Heritage exists to help you navigate all its complexities.

What do we mean when we use the words “church and trauma” together?  We’re using the word “trauma” in the broadest sense–anything that causes people to feel threatened or powerless or affects their capacity to cope in stressful situations. Which can mean a whole lot inside and outside the church.

We know God has called his church to help the vulnerable flourish in the face of adversity and trauma. But unless we–pastors, ministry leaders, churches, families, individuals–experience flourishing for ourselves, we won’t be able to live out this call. 

This Summit as a “first step” in trusting the Lord to work in and through us together for the flourishing of both his church and his world.

What can you expect?
  • A vision for what a trauma-informed local church looks like
  • Two panel conversations with experts on trauma, mental health, pastoral care, and human services
  • Guided table discussions with your team
  • Training and development opportunities for your team and church
  • Lunch provided by Chick-Fil-A (included in your registration fee)

Our prayer is that this gathering is a blessing to and investment in you, your team, and your ministry. We can’t wait to see you at the Summit!


Alyssa Bish

Alyssa Bish

Director, Child & Family Services
Nebraska DHHS

Alyssa directs Nebraska’s Child & Family Services division, which oversees  child welfare, adult protective services, and youth rehabilitation and treatment centers. She previously served as Missouri’s Director of Personnel. Alyssa holds a Doctorate in Communication and has a strong background in public affairs and social services.

Alyssa Bish

Tiffany Kavanaugh

LIMHP, LSW, School Social Worker
Lincoln Public Schools

Tiffany is a mental health provider at a private practice and is a school social worker in Lincoln Public Schools. She has expertise in using a blend of supportive, cognitive, mindfulness, and trauma-based therapies to serve her clients. Tiffany graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan with high distinction in social work, sociology, and anthropology.

Alyssa Bish

Trey McGruder

A Blessing of Hope Family Services

 Trey leads A Blessing of Hope Family Services,

Alyssa Bish

Sarah Smith

Smith Counseling

Sarah is a trauma-informed licensed counselor who combines a variety of therapeutic techniques with biblical truth in the counseling process. She primarily works with adult clients helping them process through their trauma stories. As a former missionary she is passionate about providing a safe place for those in ministry to process through their own stories. 
More special guests will be announced soon!

Cost & Registration


Registration includes lunch from Chick-Fil-A and all Summit materials.

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